Sales Contacts

Name ( Sorted by Last Name )TitleLocationPhone
Finnerty, JimSales Manager /Volvo SalesR & R, Inc.330-799-1536 ext. 1114
Wagner, JakeMack SalesR & R, Inc.330-799-1536 ext. 1116
Hutter, DaveLeasing / TreasurerR & R, Inc.330-799-1536 ext. 1105
Lower, TimMedium Duty SalesR & R, Inc.330-270-7962
Owen, RichMack Sales Cleveland Mack216-581-3300 ext. 1306
Kline, MarkVolvo SalesCleveland Mack216-581-3300 ext. 1304
Savich, BobMack SalesR & R, Inc. of Pa724-658-4594 ext. 1208
Opacic, RadarMack and Volvo SalesR & R, Inc. of Pa330-717-4801 Cell