DPF Cleaning

DPF Filter Cleaning Now Available at R & R, Inc.

Times have changed in the truck industry and evolving with new technology has never been more importantfor truck dealerships. For 35 years R & R, Inc. had a full service injection pump room to service and repairinjection pumps. Around 1998 engine manufacturers started the transition to EUP’s (electronic unit pumps), phasing out injection pumps and slowing the need for pump rebuilds.

Starting in 2008 all diesel trucks are now equipped with DPF filters (Diesel Particular Filters) to capture soot. These filters are required by the government to meet EPA pollution standards. DPF filters at some point will require cleaning (intervals established/set by the truck manufacturer). DPF filter cleaning needs to be included in your regular maintenance program since service DPF cleaning records are request by manufacturers for warranty engine related repairs. Due to the required cleaning we saw the need to be able to offer our own in-house cleaning services.

So, out with the old and in with the new! We recently have converted our injection pump room into a state of the art DPF cleaning room. R & R, Inc. invested over $70,000.00 to provide our customers with this service. Equipment was purchased from FSX Equipment, Inc. whom is the leader in the DPF cleaning industry. The equipment allows us to bench test, clean, and if needed bake the filters.

Next time your truck is in need of a DPF filter cleaning please make sure to think of us!